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UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401

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UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
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Product description

Indoor air pollution: an international health problem!

The quality of the indoor air we breathe is important for our health and well-being.
The less dust and fewer allergens, micro-organisms and chemical contaminants we breathe in, the lower the risk of becoming unwell.

According to recent studies by the leading institutions WHO (World Health Organisation) and EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency), the indoor air in our living, working and mobility areas is often 2 to 5 and even up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside due to the biological and chemical load!

The problem is compounded by today’s method of energy-efficient construction. As a result, inadequate ventilation often causes undisturbed propagation of bacteria, viruses, house dust mites, mould, fine dust and pollen in our indoor spaces.

Given the increasing impact due to fine dust and pollutants, clean indoor air can no longer be taken for granted. The quality of breathing air has deteriorated markedly in recent years. Everywhere in our indoor spaces, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, mould, fine dust and pollen can spread undisturbed.

Reason enough to pay full attention to indoor air quality!

CA-401 UV Plasma ioniser air purifier

Suitable for small and large spaces up to 60m² / 150m³ / 645ft²
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Health starts with clean air!

The unique quadruple filter technology of the Clean Air Optima® CA-401 UV Plasma ioniser air purifier purifies indoor air, eliminating practically all undesirable substances and odours such as:

• Dust/fine dust
• Bird dust
• Bacteria and viruses
• Cigarette/tobacco smoke
• Odours
• Gases
• Fine particles (PM2.5)
• TVOC's
• Hair and dander
• House dust mites
• Mould spores
• Pollen

Its slim tower configuration and neutral colour scheme make the Clean Air Optima® CA-401 UV Plasma ioniser air purifier suitable for use in any domestic and business interior.

The CA-401 air purifier features a choice of programmes: completely silent air cleaning without fan or very powerful air purification with the low-noise fan switched on.

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Effective air purification in five steps:

1. Intake
Polluted indoor air is drawn in without or by the low-noise powerful fan.

2. UV-C lamp
The ultraviolet light from the lamp (UV-C radiation) with a wavelength of 254 nm kills health-harming microorganisms such as: germs, viruses, mould (mould spores) and bacteria. Furthermore, it destroys microorganisms that have accumulated in the unit.

3. Electrostatic filter
Thanks to its special electrostatic filter system, the CA-401 UV Plasma ioniser air purifier is capable of supplying air to the unit without a fan, thus purifying it silently. Electrostatic energy is built up in the unit, the air, dust and contaminant particles in the air become energised and are thereby drawn, as if by a magnet, to the earthed dust-collecting plates in the electrostatic filter. The contaminant particles adhere to the stainless steel plates in this filter. The air loses its charge and flows through. This enables the air purifier to purify air without an intake fan.

The combination of an electrostatic filter with plasma technology binds suspended matter down to a particle size of 0.01 microns such as fine dust, pollen and all types of suspended matter. The electrostatically charged dust collector plates capture suspended particles and pollutants from the air like a magnet. 4. Ionisation
Ioniser to generate negative ions for indoor air purification. Negative ions attach themselves to dust particles, microorganisms and other undesirable substances in the air and bind them together. These particles become heavier than the air in this way and drop down or are filtered out of the air by the air purifier.

5. Purified air
Clean, healthy breathing air flows into the indoor space.br>

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Simple operation via the control panel

The clearly set out control panel on the top of the unit features five touch keys for easy selection of the desired settings. In addition, the CA-401 air purifier also features a remote control.

CA-401 air purifier setting options:
• Switching on and off
• UV-C lamp (can be switched on and off)
• Ioniser has three speed settings (High-Med-Low)
• Fan (can be switched on and off)
• Timer for switch-off time (1-7 hours)

Use and maintenance


Electrostatic filter cleaning
The electrostatic filter is equipped with stainless steel dust collectors. Switch the unit off first and then pull the plug out of the socket. Wait a few minutes. Then pull the electrostatic filter out from the top of the unit. Clean the stainless steel dust collectors with a soft, slightly damp cloth to which a little washing-up liquid may have been added. Replace filter dry! We recommend cleaning the electrostatic filter twice a week in normal continuous operation (24h/day).

Cleaning the ionising rails
The Clean Air Optima® CA-401 UV Plasma ioniser air purifier features a cleaning mechanism to scrape off the two triangular toothed ionising rails. This scraping takes place when the electrostatic filter is removed from the unit and replaced by the two scrapers located at the bottom of the filter. Under normal conditions, we recommend cleaning the ionising rails twice a week. To carry out this cleaning, pull the electrostatic filter out of the unit 4-5 times in succession and replace the filter.

No need for replacement filters!
Simple filter cleaning means no expensive replacement filters required, thus saving cost in operation!

Replacing the UV-C lamp

The service life of the Clean Air Optima® CA-401 UV Plasma ioniser air purifier UV-C lamp is 8.000 operating hours = 1 year of 24/7 operation.



Suitable for rooms up to:60m² / 150m³ / 645ft²
Filter technologies:UV-C LED Lamp, electrostatic filter, ionizer
CADR value:N/A.
Auto programs:No
Timer:Turn-off time (1-7 hours)
SMART control using the Clean Air Optima® App:No
Fan Capacity:capacity up to 50m³/h
Ionizer capacity:>2.000.000 negatieve ionen / cm³
Active oxygen:< 0,05 ppm
Power voltage:AC 220V - 240V / 50Hz
Power consumption:max. 25 watts
Filter replacement:Replace UV-C Lamp after 12 months
Dimensions:76 x 20 x 27 cm
Weight:4,35 Kg
Noise level:Soundless without fan. With fan < 35dB(A)
Color:Dark gray with light gray grid
Remote control:Yes



4.7/5 228 reviews
Placed on 23-03-2024

Werkt goed, veel minder stof in huis van onze papegaai.
apparaat draait de ganse dag in de woonkamer, zeer stil. Gemakkelijk te reinigen, geen filters.

Placed on 25-01-2024

Endlich, was brauchbares gefunden - handlich und leise.

Placed on 21-01-2024

Zeer tevreden. Wij hebben nu 5 toestellen thuis die op klok draaien. Frisse en zuivere lucht en ideaal tegen de positieve ionen veroorzaakt door de elektrische toestellen.

Placed on 20-01-2024

Zeer tevreden! Wij roken in huis (shame on us) maar binnen no time frisse lucht en goede atmosfeer :)

Placed on 15-01-2024

Werkt goed,staat sinds een paar dagen en ik merk al resultaat. Mooi design en makkelijk te bedienen.

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